Enviromental Policy Statement


C-Plan Telecommunications Ltd based in West Lothian, Scotland is a privately owned Company that provides design and installation services to the telecommunications sector. 

The environmental management system and policy of C-Plan Telecommunications Ltd encompasses: 

  • External and internal issues relevant to the Company
  • Requirements of the Company’s interested parties
  • Environmental compliance obligations
  • All products and services relating to the Company’s customers
  • Environmental control and influence where possible 

This policy provides the framework for setting our environmental objectives. The Company’s environmental policy and objectives are set, reviewed and approved by Directors via our annual (as a minimum) management review meetings. 

The Directors commit to protect the environment; this includes the prevention of pollution, as well as other relevant environmental issues specific to C-Plan Telecommunications Ltd. 

The Directors of C-Plan Telecommunications Ltd commit to fulfilling all relevant environmental compliance obligations. 

The Directors of C-Plan Telecommunications Ltd will provide the necessary means to
ensure that the environmental management system can achieve continual improvement to enhance environmental performance. 


Signed: Jim Boyle Director Date March 2022 

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